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posted Sunday, 17 August 2008

It was hamster grooming day in the habitat. We start with Renny's Beauty Salon. After weeks of saying he didn't want to trust anyone other than his $7/haircut barber, Dan finally caved and let Renny trim him up. It was highly amusing in that he started out with a prayer, asking for skill for her and trust for himself. He went on just a bit until Renny finally said "If you don't shut up, I'm gonna scalp the hell out of you." At the end Teacher Dan gave her an A+ for style, skill and kissability.

hca hcb

Michelle liked what she saw and asked for a trim of her own. That one was just cleaning up the split ends and such, but the final product was still declared a success. Then Michelle went out to groom Memphis. And Renny moved on from haircutting to sunblocking.

mhc memback sb

In game play world, Ollie points out that once again, it's all about Dan. Jerry pulled Dan aside and made a little speech about "I'm taking the Judas thing off the table" Something about being a streetfighter. Dan asked the question that has been on my mind all along, which was basically why was Jerry so upset about Jessie being kicked. Jerry didn't really answer, just said that he was "deeply hurt on a personal level." He finally did say that he apologized for the Judas comment. They shook hands, and parted with no actual discussion of the veto.

jv1 jv2 shake

April saw that there was a pow-wow and figured she'd better get in on that deal too. She sat down for a poolside chat and gave her usual delusional reasoning of why she should stay. She has such a big heart, and she's such a good person, and hasn't really done anything in the game. And as for her and Ollie? Well, wouldn't it be better to make a deal with two people than with one, Dan? She then made a slightly vague comment about him getting a little money to "do something nice with Monica." He confirmed to Renny/Keesha later that he took that as a reference to the gold bars, but no amount was mentioned. She told him to let her know if he wanted something.

av1 av2

Renny is still suspicious of everyone. She's ticked at Dan's "what if?" about vetoing Jerry. She's ticked that Michelle seems to want to save April, and is protecting Memphis. She's ticked that Memphis and Dan are now sleeping in the 70s room with Keesha, and they're all talking a lot more.


Trying to follow who thinks they're with whom is pretty difficult, and trying to follow who is really with whom, is damn near impossible. Fact is they're all playing for themselves, and they're with whomever helps them at the moment.

dan-glare keesha-glare

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