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dan's new necklace

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posted Friday, 15 August 2008

They scooted off to play the veto comp. around 1:30 AM BBT (which is 3:30 AM for me), so I went off to bed and nightmares of Aprollie winning it. I was so happy when I finally dragged myself out of bed to find that DAN WON THE VETO!!!

veto the necklace

And as a special gift to a fanatical screencapper like me, production told him to put on the necklace to go chat with Renny this afternoon. And Dan got his own little jab in to Miss "do you want to be a pawn?" Renny by asking her who she would repl-nom if he were to use the veto on, oh, say Jerry? She told him she'd have to think about it. Even though he told her he was just throwing out scenarios, just like she had done with the pawning (wink-wink), she immediately ran to Keesha and said she didn't trust Father Dan for proposing that. Since Renny supposedly just wants April gone, I'm not sure what difference it makes. But whatever, chances are next to zero that Dan will use it. But he may have some fun with his speech. Payback's a bitch, ain't it, Jerry?


The only other big news of the day was that BB put in the mid-size table. The HGs don't seem to be taking this as a milestone. They're all still trying to figure out when they're going to have a luxury comp., when it's a double-eviction, and what the twist is. Maybe if we all yell loudly enough "THE TWIST IS THAT THERE IS NO TWIST!!!" they'll shut up about it.


That's all for now, folks. The HGs did get alcohol tonight so maybe there'll be some drama coming up. For now I'll leave you to ponder this question...what *is* up with the Dr. Will-tribute bathing suits?

will dan memphis

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