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no bb baby, baby

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posted Thursday, 14 August 2008

I didn't get them in last night, so here are a few caps from the HOH perp walk and reveal last night. Renny was one of the most genuinely happy to get her pics (that's her mom and dad she's showing us) and stuff, and the rest of them were genuinely happy for her. Sure, there was a bit of butt kissing going on, but for the most part they were just happy for her. And Dan thought she was super-hot in her Saints outfit.

perp1 perp2 rh

kee mom & dad st. renny

Today was a day of pigs ears, crickets and lollipops...they played the food comp and some are on slop. Apparently it was a comp. of "eat gross stuff to not have to eat gross slop"...Jerry's on slop again, Memphis was slopped, but cashed in his pass...I didn't catch who else. They get "giant" lollipops from AC (or AV...they call it America's Vote now...maybe that's another indication that it's the prod's choice....America can vote, but no one's counting....whatever, it was a stupid "choice" anyway). And "giant" is a relative term....I was thinking they'd be 2-3 feet in diameter. They're actually about 6 inches.


The power seems to be going to Renny's head just a tad. She asked just about everyone if they'd like to be a pawn this week. No one reacted too well to that. Her supposed allies all wanted Aprollie to go up and guarantee an April exit. Renny kept saying she didn't need Ollie mad at her too (yet he's about the only one she didn't offer to pawn). Michelle reminded her that "the pawn always goes home." Ollie also made the only real deal I heard--2 weeks of safety for Renny, and a promise not to veto April. If it comes up, he'll probably break that promise.

pawn1 the queen pawn2 safe

We come back from noms to find April all emotional...not because she's nominated (though she is) but because it's her "woman time." So, no BB baby. She'd been talking for a few days about being late...we know she's not on the pill (we know way too much), and we know Ollie's feelings on condoms ("never used 'em, never will"--seriously, he said that), but any baby dreams went away today. And apparently the girls are all sync'ed they're bonding a bit over that. Jerry, who presumably is not on his period, is also nominated, and is also a little emotional and takes to his bed, despite not having the estrogen excuse.

poor april poor jerry

When they start to polish off the wine from Renny's HOH basket, BB breaks in and suggests that they might not want to do that--POV is tonight. They get into some silly debates about what time it will be and such, which leads me to a new feature here at My-BB-POV, which we call "Ohmygod! How stupid ARE you? Notes to the Houseguests...."

  1. Comps NEVER happen during ShowtimeTime. If it's a nighttime comp, it will start after midnight BBT, and any prep will be before 9PM BBT.
  2. It is NEVER a double-eviction*...stop guessing that it is.
  3. POVs are NEVER endurance comps....that's an HOH thing.
  4. BB is NEVER going to do the exact same twist twice....
  5. And finally, please STOP SINGING.

They go off to pick players just before 9, and we come back and hear that Jerry picked Ollie, Memphis is the one not participating and it sounds like Michelle is hosting, leaving Dan and Keesha as the other players. They seem to think it's a sacrifice type comp, burn your clothes (Dan says he better take off his St. Mary's tee and the Dr. Will tribute bathing suit...Memphis says "why? you been wearin' them for 6 weeks you might as well burn 'em."), shave your head (it's pointed out that that's not fair since Ollie's head is already shaved), put the house on cold water, etc. But they're probably just speculating.

ollie dan-o hostess with the mostest

lost boy

Lines of the Day

April: I've never seen the Internet.
Ollie: I think it would be boring to watch the Internet. Who wants to see what we're eating and stuff?
April: Plus I think it's creepy if people are watching us 24x7.
Keesha: Oh my goodness gracious, Dan. Some of the things you think of....
Michelle (to Jerry): Did you take your medication?
Jerry: Yeah. Thanks. I don't try to forget that.
Michelle: I don't think you try...but sometimes you just, you know, forget.
Renny: We were in a van and we turned a corner, and we were in a parade. We weren't part of the parade, but we were in it!
Dan (about Renny): And you can't talk to her...she's like "I'll put you up, I'll put you up!"
Keesha (to Dan, when he covers his face while she's changing under the covers): Don't worry. I have clothes on, dingbat.


* Technically, the last "double eviction" was in Season 7...since then they've been "fast forwards." But, regardless, the HGs think it's a "double elimination" week almost every rarely is.

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