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whoo-hoo, Renny-Roo!

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posted Thursday, 14 August 2008

Time for a happy dance. The show tonight was definitely as much of a happy-happy-joy-joy show as we've had. We had a chance to put Judas-gate behind us. Jerry got to sort of apologize, Preacher Teacher Dan got to give us a great line of "it should be Mr. Judas--if I could give him a demerit, I would" (at least he didn't use the word respect....), and Memphis got to be the good friend and stand-up guy.

memphis dan


Libra's family got their say, and she made a graceful exit. The main thing I was thinking during the Libra package was that I hope they don't let the 5 year old watch the show. She's old enough to comprehend people talking trash about her mom, but young enough that no way she should have to hear it. Libra was such an interesting contrast to Sheila last year, who was all concerned about what her 16 year old was going to hear.

Anyway, despite all the build up of the Wednesday night waffling, and it's all about Dan--again. It was (as I predicted) a unanimous vote to kick Libra. Now that all is said and done, the Libra the Puppetmistress stories are continuing around the house. Dan has told his (true) story of Libra telling him she needed him for a fourth vote, and Ollie has told his (not true) story of Libra telling him the same. So, even though she's gone, she's still being blamed for everything.

true lies

HOH couldn't have gone better for R/K/M/D...or worse for Aprollie/Jerry. Michelle was good with everyone, so she was coasting this week, regardless. But Renny gets a question, bounces April...Dan gets a question, bounces Jerry...Ollie bounces himself...Memphis, Dan follow suit....and Renny gets the last question, and the HOH she so deserves, with family pics and letters and such.

keesha new hoh

There aren't the fireworks of last week, but everyone knows it's all but a sure thing that Aprollie will be on the block tomorrow. Immediately after the liveshow they climb into bed to comfort each other. Renny is talking a lot about Memphis, and she's always had some suspicion toward Dan. Not to mention her dislike for "the Colonel"...maybe nothing is a done deal. And we'll leave post-POV speculation until post-POV.

aprollie aprollie

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