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who needs the olympics?

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posted Monday, 4 August 2008

...when we have Coach Dan's swim class?!

They had another great class today.  Ollie and Renny are both making great progress, and Dan clearly knows what he's doing.  Though, the highlight was while Dan was explaining something to Ollie, and Renny was behind him making faces.  Dan turned around and confronted her, saying that the one thing he won't tolerate is lying.  She sort of demurely nodded, admitting she'd been goofing off.  So the preacher teacher gave her detention (awesome!). 

swim1  swim3  swim4  swim2

If anyone doubts that Dan is really a teacher, during "detention" he made Renny practice her swim kicks and  recited "I will not mock the teacher"....he's either a teacher or he's a fantastic actor.  Which also makes him a great Tool. 

extra crispy tool

This evening ToolDan got April to get "the seven" together and, in the fine tradition of the the Original Tool (does that make Dan the Extra Crispy Tool?), offered to play devil's advocate and argue for why they should keep Memphis.  Aprollie wasn't buyin' it, and the Defector Divas put on a good show.  It almost sounded like they were flipping back to kick-Memphis.  But straight after the meeting, they all confirmed that it's a kick-Jessie week.


It wasn't really that surprising that the the Defectors stuck.  April was incredibly shrill and obnoxious...Jerry and Libra almost came to blows over who interrupted whom.  At the moment everyone thinks they're okay. But it's a long time until Thursday.  And ToolDan hasn't gotten his marching orders yet (vote early and often at least until midnight BBT(PDT) tonight). 

 memphis    jesschelle

The show was definitely slanted to kick-Jessie.  Memphis was barely a presence, and I'm still saying they're banking on people loving Keesha.  The portrayal of Friday Night Fights was pretty fair, and I'm thrilled CBS decided to pay whatever royalties they had to for Happy Birthday to show us the Most Awkward Birthday Party Ever.  It was hysterical. And the Tool Task was great, of course, though I'm disappointed they left out Jessie's attempt to throw Libra under that fabled bus in the middle of Dan's "emotional meltdown." The veto comp was okay.  The main thing out of that was Libra is hardly going to come off as Mom of the Year for not taking the letter.  And how funny would it have been to stick Jessie (and better yet, kick Jessie) in the unitard?  And I have to say, I loved that they put Jerry in a pink jersey.


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