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full frontal assault

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posted Monday, 4 August 2008

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting here sort of half watching the feeds with the sound muted when I noticed Ollie suddenly drop out of the chair he was sitting in and start rolling around on the floor clutching his "area." I turned the sound on, but couldn't quite catch if something had happened, or if has just messing around. [Sorry for the unimpressive screencap...he fell just out of the frame.]

ollie's down

Then a bit later Ollie, Jerry, April and Dan were sitting around the spa room. This time I had the sound on, and though I didn't quite see what happened this time, it was clearly for real when Jerry screamed out in pain and started holding his area. Dan started apologizing, Ollie was laughing hysterically and April kept asking "does it really hurt that much?" Uh, yeah! all 3 guys said in unison. Actually, Dan said, Ollie got it out between fits of laughter, and Jerry groaned in pain as evidence. Ollie commented that he wouldn't be laughing quite so hard if the same guy hadn't done the same thing to him, not an hour earlier.

jerry's down

They started to wonder if this was his way of taking out the competition. I'm surprised Libra didn't pop up out of some gopher hole to proclaim that this was proof that Dan was America's Player. I'm not sure what the weapon was in either assault, but I think he might be trying to learn to juggle.


A few hours later the real Tool Task came down, and, of course it was a much kinder, gentler task. It was seem that AC was Jessie. Dan sat down with him in the spa room and started in on a story about how he's worried that his g/f isn't going to "be there" after the show. He did a pretty convincing job of crying. He might actually be a tiny bit worried about this, as he was talking about it earlier...just before the Ollie-assault.

Anyway, Jessie tried to comfort him, but in a very Jessie way. Somehow he took Dan's pain and made it about him. He rather randomly interjected between the "it will be okay"s and "she loves you, dude"s to say "and who makes you feel this way? Libra!" Huh? Zippy-the-Pinhead say what?


But Dan practically had Jessie hugging him. After a good cry, he stood up and got the hug. One highlight was when Jessie was done and tried to pull back, but Dan hadn't made his 10-second-rule and so he just held on. But the best moment was right at the end when Dan looks up over Jessie's shoulder at the camera, and gives us the biggest grin.


Mission accomplished. I still say it was a dumb task, but ToolDan gets bonus points for entertainment value. Which is what it's all about anyway.

Jerry didn't use the veto, as expected. At this moment the votes pretty committed as Ollie/Jerry/Michelle voting to evict Memphis, and Keesha/Libra/Renny voting to evict Jessie. Both sides think they have Dan. He swore on the Bible to Renny, and Jerry just thinks he has Dan in his pocket.

jerry alone deldiva

So, if things stick as they are, it really is up to YOU AMERICA. If Dan's vote was his own this week, I'm pretty sure he'd vote out Jessie. And I'm really hoping that's how AC comes down. But it's a long time until Thursday and a lot could flip around. April could find out what's up and get the Delusional Divas back together. All the more reason for Memphis to stay. Take April down a few notches....if she's totally blindsided on Thursday, maybe she'll get some idea how it feels to be kicked in the balls.


Delusion and paranoia continue in the house. Only Memphis believes the earthquake was real at this point. Some of them even think the whole Craig Ferguson thing was part of the hoax. Memphis keeps giving them the logical arguments....but we just have to look at how gone Angie is to realize where logic gets you in the BB house. And Libra is still going on and on about Dan being the Tool. Someone (might have been Renny? or Michelle?) suggested that maybe Libra is the Tool and she keeps pointing the finger at Dan to cast suspicion off herself. Today's argument was that someone claimed to hear people outside the backyard walls yelling "we love you Dan!" Yep, he's America's Player, goes Libra. I'm not sure if they really heard this, or if it's akin to "we saw a banner!" and just total BS. And even if they did hear if Dan is such an unusual name. Not to mention that people could "love" anyone in the game, and we definitely don't have to love our tool.

t'accuse tool-I-am

And Michelle found a new way to "wear" the leotard.


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