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red, red whine

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posted Sunday, 3 August 2008

The day started with Michelle trying fruitlessly to turn her unitard into a bikini, apparently on a "suggestion" from the DR. She wasn't happy about it to begin with, and finally had to give up because it just wasn't going to happen. She figured out the same thing I did, which is that she's about 6 inches taller than Jen, so there was just no way the thing was going to wrap around her in any way acceptable for a family show. On top of that, Jen was willing to walk around in her stripper-kinis to begin with.

jenkini1 jenkini2

Michelle ran in to see Jessie and complain that the DR was just trying to make her look like an idiot by attempting to construct something out of the catsuit. Jessie countered that his "letter from home" wasn't really from his family. We'll have to wait for the show to be sure, but I imagine that technically BB just said it was a letter from home...not necessarily that it was his home. Seriously, I'm sure it was from his family. But BB does edit and retype these things to make sure the HGs aren't getting any sort of coded messages.

letter whiner

Speaking of not for a family show...there was some rather dramatic undercover action in HOH last night. This was after both Ollie and April flat out denied that anything has been going on. Jerry is either totally clueless or decided to be discreet. At the end of things, April said "well we gave the producers a good show." Ollie whispered something and April responded with "no I'm sure they don't show it." I'm sure he's going to be mortified when he realizes exactly how far and wide his sexcapades have been broadcast.

ao1 ao2 jessie

In other news...nothing. Now that we're back to a traditional BB schedule, Sunday is back to being a nothing day. There were a few little conversations here and there about veto options (none of which matters b/c Jerry won't use it), and a bit of vote flipping talk by Keesha/Renny/Libra. None of that matters just yet either. We'll see where they end up as we get closer to Thursday.

bored boring

With nothing going on in the house, I'll say a few words on the show. First place, they confirmed that I wasn't hallucinating--April did say at one point that she wouldn't nom. Jessie. But it was easy enough for her to convince herself, and others, that she hadn't quite promised that. The edit was super-kind to Jeschelle, and really made April out as Super Bitch Barbie. And they seem to be counting on the TVOVs liking Keesha as a way to get the Tool Target to be Jessie.


The Stupid Sunday Tool Task will be for Dan to hug someone for 10 seconds. I have to say, even for the SSTT, that may be the dumbest one yet. But I'll reserve judgment...some the Eric Tool Tasks that I thought the least of turned out to create the most drama. Then again, it could turn out to be another Woobie.

our tool

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