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posted Friday, 1 August 2008

I'm getting really tired of how the HGs are playing the game this year. I just wish they'd all start thinking for themselves. There is a concept running through the house that they all have to vote to evict whomever the HOH wants (sounds like the definition of a float herd, right?).


Last week a lot of them were getting peeved at Jessie, but Keesha wanted Angie out, so we had our sheep parade through the DR when the vote time came. This week, April wants Memphis gone. Jerry's right there with her, but a lot of the rest of them aren't so sure.


Before noms yesterday Keesha was chatting with Memphis and started to worry that she was about to go through a replay of week 2 where her whole alliance was doubting her loyalty because she dared to talk to Steven. So she trotted up to HOH and told April that she wasn't going to stand for that this week, and she'd talk to Memphis or whomever she damn well pleased. April said, oh that's fine, as long as you vote the way I want. Of course, of course, said Keesha.

After noms they all sat around and had one of those awkward family dinners that Memphis keeps describing as like being in a home where "Daddy just hit Mommy, but then everyone has to sit around the dinner table and act like everything is alright and we're one big happy family."


A bit later they drew for veto players, and were informed that the comp. would be starting in just a few hours. Libra, Michelle and Jerry were the picked players. For some reason April started bawling about how now she had to win veto and it wasn't faaaair (©BB8 Daniele) that she couldn't even have a night of rest after the stress of the HOH comp and making noms. This set Libra off as she got all offended that April wasn't thrilled that Libra would be playing, and didn't have faith that she (L.) would win.

That's when the Friday Night Fights really got started.

the tattler

Libra went downstairs and was going on and on about how her feelings were hurt. Jessie heard this and dashed upstairs to ask April if she'd "just said something to Libra" b/c "they're all down there yelling." He made some reference to Keesha being worried about "the Steven/Memphis thing." April stomps downstairs and straight into the bedroom to confront her supposed BFFs. It all began with "I heard you were down here talking sh!t about me!"

libra fight keesha fight

Then the Delusional Divas Fight really kicked into high gear. Libra kept screaming things like "I'M NOT YELLING!!" and "my feelings are hurt!" And Keesha was storming around the house saying how she didn't appreciate April confronting her and she was so over that Barbie bitch. The Keesha Line of the Fight came when Libra said "don't cuss" and Kee responded with "I'm not cussing but I'm fucking tired of having my fucking loyalty questioned!" Somehow Renny got dragged into it and we got another stream of "you better NOT!" and "who?! who said that?!" type stuff from her.

renny jessie fight

Jerry sat by the whole time trying to point out how this is proof that Memphis creates problems and they really should stop the in-fighting (which looks a lot more rational here than it sounded coming out of his mouth). And the main problem with that theory was that it wasn't Memphis, but Jessie, who had gone to April. She finally did give up his name, and that really sent Keesha/Libra down a must-kick-Jessie path.

The highlight of the whole thing came when Ollie walked in and informed them that Keesha's birthday cookie, complete with q-tip candle, was ready and they had to come to the kitchen and sing happy birthday and have another dysfuctional family moment. They trooped off for an awkward chorus; we got fishies due to copyright issues, but what we did see didn't look too cheery.


Then it was back to the fights, with a Libra/Jessie confrontation. She didn't really want to hear from him, but neither do we, so it was fine. After that Keesha told Libra that she doesn't care what April wants, she's voting to evict Jessie. Finally! An independent thought!

But alas....they went off to veto-land, and when they came back, the Delusional Divas were back to saying that either they'd have to change April's mind, or vote out Memphis. So the veto comp was some sort of brainwashing?

Turns out veto was actually another one of the BB Pollyanna gift exchange type things. We won't know exactly how it all worked until the show on Tuesday, but here's what I've got so far:

  • Jessie got a letter from home that Libra either had at one point, or passed up
  • Michelle is in the red catsuit for the week
  • Memphis got a slop pass, and put Jerry on slop (for the week?)
  • April got $5K
  • Libra got a trip to Hawaii, and $1K
  • Jerry won the veto, $4K, and the slop sentence.


The "cash" is apparently represented by gold bricks, and they were originally one prize, but could be split up. And it seems they can be used as currency. Memphis told April he'd sell her his slop pass for one brick. He also made a comment about Jerry having the veto and being on slop, and maybe needing the pass, which made it sound like Memphis could "sell" the slop pass for a promise to use the veto.

slop swap?

Conspiracy theories are running rampant as well. Libra has been "joking" for a while about Dan being America's Tool. I don't know quite how she got on that one, but it's putting him in an interesting spot. He's not allowed to tell them he is the Tool, or he loses the money. So even if he sarcastically says "yeah, right" it could be a $20K mistake. He also doesn't want to start denying it, so he's just going along with the "joke."

the tool

My favorite conspiracy theory though is the one that a bunch of them have that the earthquake was fake. Memphis is the only one really applying logic to the whole thing and pointing out how incredibly difficult it would be to stage a quake like that. The fact that the HOH comp. had an earthquake theme is just feeding their paranoia. The prods claim all the comps are pre-determined, but I do wonder if that was a massive coincidence, or if they have several ideas lined up an decided to go with this one because it was so timely.

jerry flips

And then there's the Ollie the Spy conpiracy theory. Keesha and Libra started to note that Jessie doesn't "attack" Ollie the way he does the rest of them. They bring this to April's attention and start to wonder if he's got some sort of secret deal with Jeschelle. Next thing we know April and Ollie are arguing about it.

apshrill ollie plays dead

Father Dan held Swim Club class again. The students are improving, and having fun. Class didn't last too long, and then they all just had fun in the pool. And then Dan hung out and tried to make an alliance with Prince of the Floaters, Kool Kid Duck.

dan and the duck

Lines of the Day

Jerry: Did you know that the Russian army ordered all their condoms with an "L" on them, thinking it meant large, but it meant little? That's a true story.
Memphis: America is googling that right now.

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