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"proper" english

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posted Friday, 1 August 2008

Preacher-Teacher Dan keeps trying to break Michelle of her New England accent... Yo, dude, there's nothing wrong with those of us who drink wudda, or wudder, or put gaz in our cars. It's got nothing to do with anything....just one of those things that happens to bug me. If your accent is from Boston, Alabama, London, or even, yes, Dan, Michigan (you go on and drink your pop, I'll stick with soda), it's part of what makes you you.

teacher dan wudda gurl

That's just what I happened to come in on tonight on the feeds. Back to the game....

noms today

For once I actually caught shots of the HOH perp walk. April got her goodies, pictures of her identical twin who doesn't look exactly like her (her words), and her nephew...who is awfully cute. She got a letter from her sister, that she was all ready to read to everyone, but Libra shuffled them all out of the room. April read through the letter, cried, and then called them all back to hear it. She waited for everyone...and kept saying that "they" said to make sure everyone was there if she read it out loud. Count on seeing that on TV Sunday night.

perp walk at the door entre vous crowd bebe

I swear April is on crack. I'll have to "go back to the tapes" but I was pretty sure I heard her promise not to put Jessie up, when she was making deals with Michelle last night. But by today, it was all "I never said that, I just said he wasn't my main target." To be fair, April also pointed out that she didn't need to make a deal with anyone. She was chillin' on that wall, and wasn't going anywhere. She says she wants to pull Jessie aside before noms and give him the heads up, but "that's against the rules" (I've heard this before, that you're not allowed to tell someone you're nominating them--of course, they're also not supposed to discuss votes, but the rules never stop them from doing that). She does tell Michelle, though, and Mich says she remembers the conversation on the wall the same way April does. That only Michelle was safe from being nominated; Jessie's just not public enemy #1...maybe I was the one smoking something last night.

april michelle

So April noms her #1 Target, Memphis and Jessie the Pawn (for now). Didn't I say those endurance comp deals never quite work out? Either Dan's the worst Tool ever, or Jessie is our #1 Target. I do take back what I said about not making Dan push for Jess. He did go to April and make the case, but it was barely necessary. She was already thinking Jessie. A lot of them are starting to think they don't want Jessie in the jury house, so if he turns out to be our Tool Target after the veto, Dan may have an easy week after all.

memphis jess

I don't have a LotD for you, so instead you get Cap of the Day:


What can I say? These things amuse me. That's our little Tool's legs sticking out of the pool.

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