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pick a tool, any tool

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posted Thursday, 31 July 2008

It shouldn't be hard...they're all tools.

As soon as they started in on the storyline of Angie swaying the vote, I knew for sure that she was a goner. And when it became clear it was going to be unanimous....what a bunch of sheep! Angie's eviction speech was probably the best I've ever heard. Once again, proving she's too smart for this game. But, could we please have an interesting vote? Just once? Please?!

By reviving the Tool, that may be exactly what the prods are hoping for. Not much stirred up the BB house as much as the Tool's "mystery votes" during BB8. And Tool for a Week? Interesting concept. It also sounded as if ToolDan gets the $20K regardless of how successful he is with his tooling.

the new tool

The only other notable news from the show was that Julie told Dan not to call her Mrs. Chen ("Just for the record, I am married, but Mrs. Chen is my mother. <pause> Thanks for the respect, though.") but she let Ollie's "JoolieMama" slide again. I can't believe she likes the latter any better than the former....personally J-Mama would bug me more than Mrs. C. Anyway....

Then it was on to an endurance HOH comp. Would ToolDan throw it? Hell, yeah! Would 75 year old Jerry be able to hang on with the young-uns? Hell, no! April looked scared from the beginning, but has held on to be in the final 3. Here's where they stand, and how the mighty fell....

wall feet row

6:17 BBT...Jerry down. Said his arms just gave out.

jerry down

6:23 BBT...Libra down...not really clear why, she just jumped. Which seems kind of dumb for someone who knows she's a big target.

libra jumps

6:35 BBT...Dan finally jumped...we knew he would; wish he'd done it sooner...he was really getting on my nerves with all his fake shifting and if it wouldn't be obvious he threw the comp.

roadkil dan tool down

6:46 BBT...Ollie down...seemed he just couldn't hang on any longer.

ollie falls

approx. 6:57 BBT...Jessie down after a few minutes of trivia....seems he may have been DQ'd for an illegal arm wrap.

jessie dq'ed

7:03 BBT...Memphis down...he has a harm...a cut on his hand...DR won't let him in when he goes in search of antiseptic and band-aids.

memphis harmed

By 7:30 BBT we're down to Renny, Michelle and April. April and Michelle both look pretty solid, while Renny's waving her limbs around a lot as if she's losing feeling. Dan gives a motivational speech to Renny and then tells April and Michelle he's got speeches for them too. Michelle asks for hers and gets it, April doesn't ask, so we haven't heard it yet....


7:45 BBT....Renny turns around and the others inform her that's not legal...she jumps off, not really DQ'd...might have been a graceful way of throwing....

renny turns renny down

We're down to Michelle and April...each fighting for her alliance....who wants it more? I see a "deal" in someone's future....wonder who remembers how deals made at the end of end. comps tend to go...BB6 Kaysar/Jen; BB9 Natalie(Matt)/James...

april smiles michelle

8:13 BBT...April asks Coach Dan for her motivational speech...which includes the LotD, so far..."her showmance just found out she's 100 times tougher than he is..."

motivator dan showmance

8:18 BBT....negotiations have begun. They both say they're in pain, but they also both say they're hanging in...both say they "just want family pictures"...and wine. Michelle starts to cry...not sure if it's for real or for sympathy. April promises safety for Michelle...and later throws in Jessie...Michelle asks who she'd put up, and April won't say b/c they're all sitting right there listening/watching.

april michelle

April keeps saying that she swears on everyone's life that she won't put up Michelle or Jessie, even after the veto. It seems clear Michelle's going to drop....we're just waiting for it. Personally, I don't believe April for half a second....but, as always, we'll know when we know. Jessie's sitting by looking sad and pathetic...yet not giving a word of support. Keesha's also looking a bit nervous, but like Jessie, not cheerleading.

no cheer no cheer 2

8:40 BBT...Michelle takes the dive....April's down a few seconds later...and gets the least enthusiastic HOH congrats ever. Michelle finally gets some attention from Jessie as he thanks her and tends to her harms. Ollie's the only one who thinks to clap, and truly congratulate April.

end end
end end end1
end end end

We hear the producer tell them "truly great job, guys" and then it's off to trivia and a surely better staged handing off of the HOH key. And everything is wrapped in time for ShowtimeTime. How handy. And what's a Tool to do? Chances are the Tool Target will be either Jessie or Libra...and he's going to have a hard time coming up with an argument for April. So, if you're a Dan-Fan, vote for Jerry as the Tool Target....that's about the only way to keep our new Tool out of trouble.

poor tool

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