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shake up the house

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posted Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The BB house got a literal shake-up this afternoon when an earthquake hit. Apparently in was big, even by So. Cal. standards, and a lot of them had never been through one at all before. Jerry said he thought a truck hit the house, and that he's aged a year (at 75, that's not good).

pre-quake jerry

Renny really did age a year today (well, not really, it's just her birthday). The celebration started just after midnight, with table dancing and miscellaneous celebrating that I unfortunately missed. Keesha's b-day is coming up on Friday, so I'd expect a joint BB-style party at some point. BB b-days have been progressively lamer over the past few years, with the same party decorations brought out time after time, and most recently "gifts" of their own stuff wrapped up and given back to them. So, don't get your hopes up. Best case scenario, they may get enough alcohol to make things interesting.

birthday girl

In eviction news, there is some movement to save-Angie/kick-Jessie. She's still been flying low, maybe too low. Every time I hear anything from Keesha it's that Angie hasn't approached her about a deal. But on the other hand, every time Angie does approach Keesha, it turns into "what a weasel" type stuff from K.


Jessie's not doing himself any favors. Apparently the other night he waved bye-bye to Libra through the window (I don't know what made him think this was a good idea when he's on the block) and now she's hot on the kick-Jessie plan. Renny is the other major supporter, and she's a lot more subtle in her efforts. I think there's hope for Angie yet. But I wouldn't put money on it at this point. It does seem like her #1 ally, Memphis, has decided he's better off without her and that Jessie would be easier for him to beat "in the end."


And then the other day, Jessie "pulled an Amber" coming out with some pretty offensive remarks about who "runs Hollywood." He seems to not realize that at the moment "Hollywood" runs his life. So there may just be a DR-inspired shake-up in the works. Just as with Amber, I won't repeat what he said. You can find it elsewhere if you want the dirty details. Unlike with Amber, they cut off to fishies rather than let him really bury himself. What continues to get me is how no one speaks up when this garbage starts spewing. Keesha did give Jessie a sort of "oh come on" laugh/snort, but no real protest.


Next, Michelle started in on Dan and how he's not really as good a person as he wants to appear. For some reason she seems to think he's going to go back on his word to support Jessie (despite the fact that he's shown no signs of that). Then she started in on how he claims that "he's a virgin and doesn't drink and that's probably all a lie." And that he didn't really bring a's a "glossary" according to her. Huh?


Then to make Michelle look like a total ass, Dan held Swim Club, teaching Renny and Ollie how to swim. He's clearly done this before, though he's not an expert. But he had them paddling pretty well for their second lesson. And the looks on their faces were some of the happiest we've seen in weeks.

swim class

Update on Bible-gate: Michelle repeated her story about how "Dan doesn't add up" to Angie, along with the it's not a bible, it's a glossary claim. Angie said "no, it's a bible. I've read it." Michelle countered that when she's asked Dan what he's reading he's said a glossary. Angie explained that there's a glossary in there. Michelle kept arguing, and Angie kept pointing out that she's seen it, and it is a Bible. Then Angie said it would be easy to settle, Michelle should just ask to borrow it and see for herself. Basically proving that Angie's too smart, and more importantly, too logical, for this game.

foiled by logic

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