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everyone was bb fightin'

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posted Saturday, 26 July 2008

That's what I'm talkin' about! Finally we're getting Big Brother as it's supposed to be. Keesha's noms have stirred up the house, and we're to the appropriate level of parannoying for BB. Not to mention that today we had our first banner of BB10. I've been thinking back over past BB seasons, and week 3 is often when it gets interesting. The difference this year is that the first 2 hamsters kicked were worth keeping around. Usually we don't really care about the early ones to leave.

Anyway, they played the veto comp. on Friday. It sounds like one to look forward to watching. Apparently they had to dress up as flowers and sit in a heap of "compost." There were worms and rain and other ickinesses. And there was some aspect of guessing how long you'd been in the crap or something. In any case, Keesha won. It doesn't sound like she particularly meant to win. She was one of the first (maybe the first) out. But something about everyone else's times resulted in her winning. Intentional or not, she was happy.

v1 v2 v3 v4

And Libra, not so much. She went on and on about how she's "always second place" in the comps. It doesn't seem to matter to her that her supposed alliance-mate Keesha came in first to her second in 2 of those comps. This only adds fuel to the fire of the kick-Libra campaign. And to top it off, Keesha and April, later joined by Ollie, spend some time talking about how annoying they find Libra, how she won't leave them alone, and is always asking what they're doing...even when they're just eating breakfast.

ap lib

Now that Keesha has ALL the power, everyone else is on her 24x7. She's made it pretty clear that a.) she wants Angie out and b.) she's not using the veto and c.) she's not nom'ing Libra. But that doesn't stop pretty much everyone from buzzing around her and telling her what they think.


No matter how many times they all reassure Jessie that it's Angie who will be kicked, he still wants off the block. He had several big time convos and arguments with various people in the house, trying to work it so he'd be veto'ed and Libra would go up. And when he's not doing that he's campaigning for votes. He just might talk himself right out the door at the rate he's going. We can hope anyway.


Angie finally made her way up to HOH and had a heart to heart with Keesha. K kept assuring her that it was "nothing personal" and they compared a few notes and seem pretty clear that they were both close with Steven and the rest of the house did everything possible to keep them from voting to keep him. They also discover, along with Michelle, that they all have "to the end" promises from Jerry.

ang kee

The next series of fights were all about Jerry. First he and Michelle got into it. I didn't hear what started it, something she confronted him about hearing he had said about her. He kept telling her that she's "guilty by association" with Memphis and Jessie. She wanted to know precisely what she'd done, and of course he had nothing. Michelle didn't seem to hold the same standards of individual guilt when she was judging Brian and Steven, but now that she's the one in the's a different story.


And Jerry seems royally pissed at Memphis b/c he wouldn't "cheers" with Jer the other night when they got beer. I didn't see the "incident" but I kind of suspect it was nothing. Memphis is pissed at Jerry for calling him a womanizer. So maybe that's why he wouldn't toast with him. Or not. Who knows. Whatever the case, they are not each others favorite people. Unless Memphis wins the next HOH, then Jerry will probably bounce right over to him.

mem jer

And then there was the banner. All we got was "hey! A banner!" The rest was hidden behind the fishies. We heard that it said "Keesha, Libra is a liar. Love, Steven." But it's possible, even likely, that that's all bullshit. The funny thing is that now Jessie and his Brain are totally rewriting history, talking about how they should have saved Steven with the POV and kicked Libra. Maybe the should have, but the rewriting comes in when they say things like "we told Steven to bring other people up and have them say they wanted Libra out and he said 'no.'" In fact, he offered, and they sort of blew him off. Who knows if it would have mattered to Angie. Whatever. It is what is. (©BB3/7 Danielle)


There was also a great moment today when Libra marched up to HOH looking for Keesha. Jessie and Memphis were out there playing chess, and knew perfectly well that there was no one in the room. But they didn't volunteer this as Libra ding-donged away. Then Libra tapped on the door and said "it's me" as if that would get her in. When it didn't she gave up and went downstairs, to immediately spot Keesha outside. Jessie had a blast spoofing Libra after that.

li dor pray

LotD goes to Keesha....with the foil in her hair while dyeing her roots..."I was thinking 'I'm not going outside like this' but then I realized, I'm on national TV and the Internet and whatnot, so what does it matter where I go in the house."

tv star

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