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posted Thursday, 24 July 2008

The most confusing thing about Wednesday's show recap was the way they tried to convince us that there were actually some defined, logical alliances in the house.  It's not terribly interesting if they're all on the same side.  It's true that there is a Team Libra, Jessie's Brain Trust, The Old People, and Doomed Alleged Friends of Brian.  But yet, in the end, everyone seems to go the same way, whether it fits their plan or not.  It finally dawned on me....there are no true alliances because they're all floaters.  More on that later.

But first, our Wednesday recap.  There was no real campaigning, and in the end it was pretty clear that Steven would go.  Most of the day was just laying around, and cleaning, and whining from Libra.  And a humorous moment when Jessie decided to iron his t-shirt.

sleepy    grumpy

happy    dopey

The show went on, and sure enough, Steven was kicked..and hard.  Not even a sympathy vote.  But he left with the last word of "suck it, bitches!"  Wow, said Julie.  And bye Steven, said the rest of them.  He got a bit sniffly with the goodbye messages.  Then the rest of them were marched out to play a "what's missing?" HOH.  Apparently the "aliens" in the mirrors stole their stuff.  I've not seen any of them Jedi-drilling or Natalie-counting this season, but the questions weren't that hard.  (What room would the cupcakes be in other than the kitchen?) 


So Keesha won, and pretty much right away they all started in on her.  There was a push to nom Libra, but she's not going for it.  She might really want to but she can't strike out like that this early.  Plus Team Libra camped out and reminded her that she's one of them.  Keesha seems to want to target Angie.  I heard her say that she can't deal with "girls like her" meaning those that aren't the Super Bitch Barbie type.  She said this specifically in contrast to April, whom she says she can handle b/c she comes across her type "everyday at Hooters."

pizzed  gang   1

Next, Keesha makes a deal with Memphis that she won't nom him as long as he promises not to save Angie with the veto, should he win it.  She's also pulled in both Renny and Jerry and told them how she just can't stand how other people have targeted them b/c they're the older people, and she won't go after them, as long as they protect her.  Last, but not least, the group calls in Dan and offers to let him in.  He accepts with hugs and handshakes.  He also tells them if they hear anything from "the other side" (i.e. Jessie's Brain Trust) that he had a previous deal with them that it's a lie, and they're just trying to cause trouble.  Which is a nice cover for the fact that he's already got a handshake deal with JBT.

gang     hug

Then Dan pulls out what may be one of the smartest moves so far in BB10.  He tells them that he's not good at outright lying, and asks if anyone has any "tips" for what he should do if confronted.  And then they all proceed to tell him their tricks.  Ollie says he asks questions, someone says use humour, someone else says tell the truth but make it sound like you're being sarcastic.  (Oh, yeah, right I'm so in their alliance. Ha!)  Excellent.  So now he knows exactly what to watch for in each of them.

  memphis jerry

jess kee

li ren

Jessie's been elected to sit beside Angie, and if someone is veto'ed Michelle's the repl-nom.  Now, if Michelle wins the veto and saves Jessie, Keesha has a problem.  But she'll jump off that bridge when she comes to it.


But seriously, they're all floaters.  What's a floater?  Anyone who just bobs along and "floats" whichever way the tide is turning.  See BB7 Erika: every week she marched up to the HOH and said "I'll do whatever you want." The least floaty is Angie, and even she voted out Brian and Steven, both of whom I think she really would have rather kept.  The best hope for the game is that Angie wins the veto, or somehow manages to stay, and then wins HOH next week.  Then watch them all float right over to her. 

LotD came this afternoon when Michelle and Angie were talking about why Keesha won't put Libra.  They were saying that Libra is running Keesha's HOH.  And then  Michelle comes out with, "Last week, when Jessie was HOH, I never told him what to do, who to put up."  Jessie's Brain say what?


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