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posted Tuesday, 22 July 2008

It's going to be a short entry for me today--had a killer day at the "real" job....  So, here's a few what are they doing/What were they thinking caps for you to ponder:

w1    w2    w3

I really don't get what's up with the hiding behind/under the pillows on the backyard sofas, but a lot of them seem to do it.

In other news, last night an "alien" appeared to several of them in the mirrors.  Enough saw it that it doesn't seem like they just mistook a camera's shadow.  And whether or not it's related, they were told to get all dolled up for a surprise tonight. Like good little hamsters, they did just that.  Turned out it was for an interview for the Late, Late Show tonight.  When it was over most of them didn't look super-thrilled about it.  But the slop-condemned got some good news--they're off as of midnight tonight.

d1    d2

The Tuesday show had some great misdirection, showing the most convincing parts of Steven's kick-Libra plan, and leaving out all of Michelle's crazy pacing and ranting about how it was no good for her.  What they aired even made her sound reasonable.  At the same time, you could almost hear the Wicked Witch of the West soundtrack playing as Libra stormed through the house during the "old person" fight.  Many TVOVs (TV-only viewers) were probably surprised when Michelle didn't go with the veto plan.  It will be interesting to see how/if the misdirection comes off tomorrow when it's almost guaranteed that Steven will be kicked.  Though, Dan's awfully confident...and that rarely goes well in BB.

yeah you

who me?    dan-o

The show also corrected me on a number of points about the POV comp.  I thought Keesha got the slop pass, I thought Michelle won by default (when in fact she answered at least one question correctly), and I hadn't caught that Dan had thrown the comp.  I blame the HGs.  They just don't talk enough about what goes on behind the fishies and bubbles.

fishies    and bubbles

That's all for now, folks.


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