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slip slidin' away

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posted Monday, 21 July 2008

You know it's BB when they break out the homemade slip 'n' slide.  Most of them had a good time sliding around, greased up with dishsoap.  Libra complained that they shouldn't be wasting the soap.  Eventually, April complained that she flopped too hard and had a harm on her famous "boobies."  Though, later when cuddling with Ollie, she said it was her rib that was hurt.  But otherwise, no major injuries.  And they actually had a little fun.

slipslide    whoa


The slop brigade had been "so sure" they'd be getting off slop soon, today or tomorrow.  They've now been informed that, no, they're on it until 9 PM Wednesday.  I guess no one bothered to read the rules.  Libra's not happy.  Sur-prise, Sur-prise.  Speaking of Libra, I barely recognized her yesterday when she was all made-up for the veto ceremony:


And, yeah, the veto ceremony.  To no one's surprise, Michelle didn't use the veto.  Steven had made a last ditch effort to shake things up.  He went to Jessie first, trying to "respect" him as HOH.  But Jessie can't operate without his brain, so he immediately sent Stevie off to fetch Michelle.  Once Michelle joined, she paced a lot and tried to get Steven to explain how it was in her interest to use the veto.  I thought he scored a couple of points, but she wasn't buying.  Jessie would pipe up every once in a while and try to suggest getting Renny out (Steven was saying the house wanted Libra gone).  But in the end it was all about Michelle.  I guess that's fair enough.  As she reminded us 10,000 times during her pacing, she's the one with the POV.  Dan made an appearance too, which was a little odd.  It was mostly odd because during the Steven chat Michelle said a couple of times that she was surprised/insulted/whatever that Dan hadn't even asked her to use the veto on him.  When Dan came up minutes later, he didn't have a strong argument, but he did say "I couldn't respect myself if I didn't at least ask."  That seemed to be all Michelle needed to hear.  And in the end Dan and Michelle shook on...something.  Jessie had left to go eat, but his brain made the deal so he'll be held to it too. 

steve plea    dan plea

the shakedown

For some reason Steven decided to tell Libra that he had suggested a kick Libra plan.  The night before lots of them had been saying they'd be happy to see her go.  But once the POV was slammed into its little box, suddenly the tide had turned and they were all shocked, shocked I tell you, to hear that anyone would suggest kicking Libra.  This only stuck another few nails in his coffin.  It seems it's been a done deal since Brian walked out the door.  But I'm still hoping for some drama.  I mean, what are the livefeeds without Tuesday Night Waffling?

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