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eh? What's that you say there, sonny?

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posted Sunday, 20 July 2008

I nearly experienced some hearing loss yesterday when Libra started SCREAMING at Jerry, and later Renny, in a fight over the comments that Libra (allegedly) made saying that the two "old and slow people" had caused Team Libra lose the food comp.  I didn't catch how it started, but it seems that Jerry confronted Libra early in the morning, possibly before she was even out of bed.  Libra violently denied the comments.  Eventually she demanded to know who had told Jerry she'd said it, and he finally alluded that it had been Renny.  The fight then moved on to be between Libra and Renny.

jerry    fight!

Libra did acknowledge that she had said that for future comps they should have the teams "more balanced."  She said she meant that to be age-wise, gender-wise, etc.  I vaguely remembered her comments from the time, and I've since gone back and "checked the tapes."  What I did find was that Libra said several times (including once to Renny) that "of course we had the two older people on our team" and she did suggest the "balancing."  She never said slow (that I heard), and she never came right out and said that the un-balanced teams were why they had lost.  She said everyone did their best and they lost as a team.  Yet it was pretty clear she felt having "the two older people" on the same team was "unfair."  She didn't say much about Renny, but she did go on quite a bit about Jerry's poor eyesight.  We should get the food comp. on the show tonight and it will be interesting to see how it plays out, and what they show of Libra's post-comp comments.  Not to mention if they show the fight.

all about libra

The rest of the day was pretty much a whole lot of nothing, except for a streaking incident by Steven.  There was something about a banner plane that said something about Keesha, but it caused no real drama.  They couldn't even agree on what it said.  Michelle continues to act as Jessie's Brain, and seems to be partially controlling him via massages and manicures/pedicures.  It's all just a little odd.  Regardless, chances are she won't use the veto, and keep her (I mean Jessie's) noms in place.

who me?    da plane


When ShowtimeTime rolled around, they had decided to get all dolled-up and put on a talk-show/variety-show skit.  Some of it was pretty funny, including Host Dan's mascara mustache and chest hairs, the Gay Antique Road Show, and April/Ollie's Maury Povich spoof ("you ARE the father!").  The prep time went on way longer than the actual skit, including extended blocks of Dan pacing in the storage room.  There was also quite a staged feeling to the whole thing (staged as in the DR suggested they be more interesting than bumps on a log), especially when they all gathered in the living room just as they do before a comp.  Afterwards, they spent a long time congratulating themselves on how great they were, how they'll be all over youtube and famous before they know it, and wondering if BB liked it.  But still, it was entertainment, and that's better than nothing.  We are here for the amusement, and I don't mind the staged stuff.  I'd just like it interspersed with some drama and game play.  This is Big Brother, after all.  Where's the drama?  The alliances and backstabbing?  The game talk and house flipping?

april renny keesha michelle


dan the man    tabledancing    babydaddy

Other highlights included Ollie saying he was dressed as BB9 Parker, and Dan, for some unknown reason, throwing a "pie" in his own face (I think it was shaving cream).

parker redux    pieface

Then before lights-out there was some serious undercover action from Ollie and April in the spa room.  They're definitely setting up to be the Showmance/Homance of the season.  (And, no, Jerry wasn't sitting there for the main event--I just thought the cap was funny.)

ao1 ao2 ao3 ao4

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