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please pass the slop

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posted Friday, 18 July 2008

It's Friday, and that means POV day in the BB house. Shortly before they disappeared into the bubbly beyond a couple of the HGs were discussing missteps of seasons past, including Marcellas not saving himself and Dustin taking all the prizes in the temptation veto on BB8. And Libra said she was hoping for a slop pass.

The DR must have been asking probing questions because when we get back they've played the POV and it was something akin to the the one King Dustbin got the stuff from. I didn't hear much about big ticket items, but apparently there was a slop pass, but Libra passed on it and Keesha got it. So Miss Anorexic Barbie, I can go for a week without food, gets to eat now. And of course this is scoring her no points with Queen Libra.

bitter queen ana barbie

The other POV player (besides of course Jessie, Dan and Steven) was Michelle. And all she walked away with was that pretty necklace they all want so much. It sounds like she basically won by default, that there was some sort of elimination process and by simply not answering anything she ended up as the last one standing.

veto winner

Now that the POV is taken care of, the campaigning can begin in earnest. Odds are pretty good that Michelle, as a member of Jessie's Brain Trust, won't veto either of the noms. Dan thinks he has a deal with Jessie, but it's not quite clear if that's for real or not. So Steven has trotted up to HOH to try to understand why he's on JBT's hit list. What ensues is one of the most childish arguments I've heard in BB history. Jessie tells Steven that even though he voted to evict Brian, he's still seen as "on that team" because he hung out with B. And Jessie is incredibly pouty that Steven didn't "congratulate" Jessie on his HOH win, or come to his room reveal. What?

the hulk

Steven counter-argues that he voted the "right way" and there's nothing more he could do. He does seem to acknowledge that he wasn't boisterously celebratory after the HOH comp., but says he did congratulate Jess later. "Yeah, like 24 hours later," is Jessie's come back. And then just to remind us that this is a similar fight to Renny-gate, he goes on and on about how he's such a sound sleeper, he can sleep through Ollie's snoring, BB calling him to the DR, an earthquake, whatever...but yet Renny's screeching and Keesha's cackle wake him up. And that's terrible. Because he's such a sound sleeper. It's not faaaaair.

unfaaaaair unenthused

After they've hashed and rehashed, the JBT alliance gets together and confirms that Steven is still the target du jour. But it's a long time until Wednesday and Dan is certainly not necessarily safe.


Line of the Day

Memphis: We'll come to the bridge when we cross it. [pause] Or cross that bridge when we come to it. Wait, what's that phrase?

what's that?

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