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pinkie and the brain

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posted Thursday, 17 July 2008


I pretty much never watch HouseCalls.  First place, I have "real job" and I'm usually otherwise engaged when HCs is on.  Second place, I really don't care what Gretchen thinks or whatever.  But tonight while the feeds were blocked for world's longest nomination ceremony, I figured I'd tune in to see Brian one last time.  And, yes, that does say "Brain" on the blurb.

Brian HCs

Dick was Dick, Gretchen was Gretchen, and Brian was pretty funny.  He's still laughing at himself, and it turns out the the only BB seasons he as seen are 7 and part of 2.  So no wonder he played the game like Dr. Will.  One of my favorite moments was when a caller asked if he thought that Michelle was an underestimated player.  "Hell no!" says Brian.  He then went on to talk about how there was always something wrong with Michelle...something hurt, something making her sick, every 5 minutes she needed the doctor.  Which was only made funnier by the fact that when the feeds came back we find Michelle showing us a harm (©BB6/7 James) on her knee.

a harm

We also come back to find that Dan and Steven have been nom'ed.  So, JBT didn't completely control the noms.  Jessie has a little chat with Dan, telling him they're all good and he's not the Real Target--which is apparently all BS, and he plans to give Steven the same line, just to make sure that whoever stays isn't too mad at him.


Lines of the Day

(one of the fish in the HOH room tank was found dead earlier in the day)
Michelle: Which one died?  One of the koi or one of the other ones?
Jessie: Whichever one ain't in there anymore, how 'bout that?
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