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pumping irony

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posted Thursday, 17 July 2008

Remember how the big argument for getting Brian kicked was that he tried to tell HOH Jerry (and the rest of them) what to do? Oh, the hypocrisy of it all. Just after Jessie got his room last night, all nicely staged with the zoom in on the door handle, etc., a bunch of the rest of them settled in, drank his wine, and told him what to do....


hohroom hohohs

to us

Downstairs, the Likely Targets moped a bit. Steven complained that BB wouldn't give him some kind of prescription meds. I didn't hear him say what they were, but I did hear him say that the DR's answer to him was that everyone in there was going through stress, it wasn't just him. So, instead he turned to Dan and asked for some Bible verse recommendations. Sister Mary Dan gave some pointers and then left him alone to read. It seemed to escape Stevie's notice that Danny Boy is an even more Likely Target than Steven. BB kept yelling at him to put on his microphone. I'm guessing they were hoping to inspire a revival of the BB9 Bible Buddies tradition. But no such luck.

angie steven

I believe the Final Decision of Jessie's Brain Trust was that he would nom. Renny and Dan, with Steven as the repl-nom option, if it comes to that. Renny's the pawn again. Though I doubt anyone told her that. So, if she is nom'ed maybe we'll get some fireworks out of her. Dan did make a half-hearted attempt to make a deal to save himself this afternoon. But Jessie's Brain had already decided, and left the room, so there wasn't much hope of getting through. Besides, Dan seems to understand that his best chance to stay is actually to be nominated so he's guaranteed to play for veto, and then win it.

perpetual pawn dan campaigns

They played a food comp. today, and a bunch of them are on slop. And none too happy about it. Keesha did say that she's used to going a week without food, from her swimsuit modeling days. Probably the most vocally unhappy was Libra, who immediately blamed the "old people" for causing their team to lose. Didn't seem to occur to her that the "old people" would be eating slop too. A lot of people are worried about how 75-year-old Jerry will do on the slop...people out here, that is...the people in there are way too self centered to care. I'm not worried. At his age, I'm betting he has the sense to eat, and slop's not unhealthy, just really disgusting, from what I gather. BB hasn't killed anyone yet, despite their best efforts last season.

april keesha jerry libra

Otherwise, not much interesting happened (yet) today. April and Ollie continued to cuddle, but without being that intriguing to any of us. There's hope for a revival of SuperBitch Barbie's Dream Fight, but no action just yet. Jessie looked confused a lot. And life generally continued as always in the Big Brother house. Batteries sold separately.

bedbuddies jessie the body april


And what is up with Memphis' facial hair? Could someone please tell the poor boy how ridiculous he looks?


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