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bye-bye bri!

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posted Wednesday, 16 July 2008

It always sucks to see the first one go.  It's never fair, just a random chance based on either nothing, or something stupid done week one.    But I really was sorry to see Brian go.  I knew he had no chance, especially as BB built up the tension.  Will he stay?  Will he win Keesha's vote?  Is he the new PuppetMaster?  No.  The best we can hope for is a rerun hamster (and w/o the farce of a "vote" we got last year).  So, goodbye, Brian.  Nice try. You gotta love a man with sock puppets.

b2 b1 b6
b5 b4

There was nothing else remarkable about the show.  They had a live audience.  Whoo.  Hoo.  Or, who cares?  Jessie won HOH.  If it were any other season, he'd be putting up Jerry as payback for putting Jess up last week.  But we come back from trivia to find Jerry already right in the middle of alliance-y talks with Jessie and Ollie.  Sounds like Dan/Angie/Steven are the targets of the moment.


I missed the whole Dream Bitch Barbie fight.  I'm not even convinced it was anything exciting.  The most interesting part of the whole thing was that Ollie ran off to console Constipated Keesha rather than Anal April.  I guess Ollie/April are all they have for a showmance this year (at least so far).  OCD April did seem to flip out a bit at the suggestion that Ollie was playing her.  And the whole "son of a preacher man" thing?  That's just silly.  PKs are just as likely as anyone to be naughty.

girlfight pk

We haven't had the HOH reveal or perp walk yet.  Though we did get some extended lava lamp effects in place of fish. I may be back later if we get something good.  But for now I leave you with our facial expression champs of the season thus far.

jerr-bear kee-bear

P.S.  Check out our first parting shot of the season.  If nothing else, I would love for someone to tell me what Michelle is doing.

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