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smells like big brother

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posted Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I have my own little BB habitat--the room I basically live in for 3 solid months during BB; holed up, watching feeds, screencap'ping, tweeting, blogging, and occasionally even watching the TV show. I don't spend a whole lot of time in this room in the "off-season" so when I walked in here a few weeks ago to start getting things ready I was hit by a major sense memory trigger and just thought "ah....smells like Big Brother."


Another big sign of the season came today, with the first pictures of the actual BB habitat being posted. I went and checked them out, mainly to update the banner images on the site. It's a decent look this year. Lots of greens and blues and earthy looks. The bedrooms seem to have a fire and ice theme going on, plus one that I think is supposed to look like a mine or something. It's likely that one of them won't last long and will get flipped into being the have-not room. Though who knows, they may just keep the "ice" theme for the HNs. Seems appropriate enough. It's always seemed silly to me that they decorate that room for only a few days and then re-do it.

Julie also revealed a few tidbits about this year's twists. Apparently there will be 2 HOHs (or HsOH, technically) "every week." Each HOH will nominate 2 people, meaning a total of 4 nominees. This possibly has something to do with why there are 2 memory boards. Julie also said that HOH doesn't necessarily guarantee safety this season, as there will be something called the Battle of the Block. No details on what exactly it is.

HG reveal should be soon, possibly tomorrow. I'll likely do what I've done the last few seasons and just check the HGs out for the basics. There have been lots of rumours about re-run HGs again this year. I kind of suspect even if there are going to be re-runs, they won't be revealed until the premiere. The premiere is also being billed as a "two-night" event, whatever that means. Whatever the case, feeds kick in after the first show has aired on the West Coast. So as far as I'm concerned that's the premiere that really counts.

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